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Heart-Mind Curriculum Trainings

K-12 mindfulness curriculum intensives coming this Fall  on the East Coast and Europe.


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  • Mindfulness Curriculum Training
  • 8 Week Mindfulness Course for Faculties
  • Student Mindfulness Programs
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“This training both prepared and inspired me to teach mindfulness in my classroom. Kate was very careful to give examples that would work across age groups and professions, so the training would be applicable and appropriate for everyone!”

Heart-Mind Curriculum Training Participant

Becca, Educator 

"From day one of this course, I feel that my ability to focus, be more present and have more patience was improved significantly and I'm motivated to continue this practice into the future."

Eight Week Mindfulness Course Participant 

Athenian School, Fall 2013

Mindfulness Education Makes an Impact!

Retreat for Educators

A two day residential retreat in northern CA ...

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Compassionate Leaders

Teaching mindfulness and leadership in the... 

What's New on the Community Curriculum!

Shannon Lamb, MFW, shares three entries on The Hub based on her background teaching mindfulness in education. 


“I walked away with plenty of lesson plans I can put into practice Monday morning. My only problem is deciding which one to start on!” 

Heart-Mind Curriculum Training Participant, Laura R.

A Mindful Staff

Bring mindfulness training to your school next fall ...