Mindfulness For Educators, Administration, and Staff


In-service Workshops

We offer a variety of one-time workshops and in-service development trainings.  These can range in topics such as:

Introduction to mindfulness in education

Cultivating a school culture of mindfulness and empathy

How to deal with stress and overwhelm in the classroom

Teaching from presence

These workshops are a great way to introduce your staff to mindfulness, get them ready for a new school year, or start a school-wide initiative to bring more wellness and mindfulness into the school culture.

Introduction to Mindfulness Training

This is an eight week online or in-person course developed for school faculty or other professionals working with kids. Participants come away with a foundational mindfulness practice that integrates into all aspects of daily work and home life. Weekly themes include:

Mindful of the breath, body, and senses

Mindful of emotions and thoughts

Mindful of speech and communication with others

Cultivating a Compassionate Heart

This training comes with access to a variety of supportive teaching videos, guided meditations in MP3, and other resources to help participants fully immerse into the practice of mindfulness. Participants come away with tools to manage stress, better self-understanding, and a deeper sense of empathy for each other, their students, and loved ones.

"From day one of this course, I feel that my ability to focus, be more present and have more patience was improved significantly and I'm motivated to continue this practice into the future."

~ Eight Week Mindfulness Course Participant 
Athenian School, Danville, California 

Heart-Mind Curriculum Training

Learn how to teach mindfulness to K-12 students! The Heart-Mind Curriculum Training is a complete and comprehensive workshop designed for professionals and parents interested in teaching mindfulness meditation and compassion to youth.  The Heart-Mind Curriculum offers over 50 different lessons covering topics such as mindfulness of emotions, thoughts, compassion, communication, and more. It is also enriched with a variety of age-appropriate adaptions and suggestions, teaching methods, and mindfulness philosophies. The lessons and opinions offered in this curriculum are all based on and backed by over 30 years of research on the effects of mindfulness on emotional regulation, social development, executive functioning, and increases in physical health and mental well-being. 

This course is taught through a two and a half day (15 hr.) workshop-style training consisting of lecture, experiential exercises, teaching practice in breakout groups, and a full take-home curriculum manual. 

“This training both prepared and inspired me to teach mindfulness in my classroom. Kate was very careful to give examples that would work across age groups and professions, so the training would be applicable and appropriate for everyone!” 

~ Heart-Mind Curriculum Training Participant
Becca, Educator