“What we sing we remember! Over many years of singing with children, I’ve come to believe deeply in the power of song and singing to awaken, enliven, calm, and harmonize a group. Best of all, Mindful songs stick to the brain and heart; children remember the songs AND the practice!”
 "As a teacher of children I find it delightful how naturally they take to this practice that’s always within their reach and provides such far reaching benefits for their developing brains."
" Teaching mindfulness to children over the years has led me to realize that we are born to be mindful. There is an umbilical connection to this peaceful place inside, after all." 

Carla Brooke

Half Moon Bay, CA

Carla holds a Master’s degree in art therapy. She has twenty years of experience teaching  Kindergarten through 6th grade and has special interest in working with at-risk youth. Carla's teaching style incorporates mindfulness education with the creative arts. 

Carla teaches parent and educator workshops with Kate Janke, as well as in-class and after school programs to school children. She is also involved with the family program at Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City. 

Lisa Allan

Berkeley, CA

Lisa Allen, a public school music educator and Juilliard-trained classical flutist has been a dedicated mindfulness practitioner for five years.  Inspired by the transformation of her own life combined with a passion for education she received training in teaching mindfulness to children from Kate Janke and the Heart-Mind Education Project.  She now offers mindfulness training to children in her own school settings as well as community programs. 

Lisa is a volunteer mindful leader in the Spirit Rock Family Program, teaches music in the creative Orff-Schulwerk approach at Clarendon Second Community Elementary School in San Francisco and is an affiliated mindfulness instructor with the Heart-Mind Education Project.

Meet the Founder

Kate Munding

Mindfulness practice has been at the core of Kate's life since 2004. Her teaching style and techniques stem from traditional Buddhist meditation and philosophies, coupled with secular mindfulness methods and applications. 

Kate started teaching mindfulness in the Oakland schools in 2008 for Mindful Schools.  She soon after became the Director of Training and developed mindfulness training programs for educators, parents, psychologists, and health care providers. In 2012, Kate started Heart-Mind Education to continue developing her work in the classrooms as well as direct training to faculties. In her career, she has had the privilege of teaching mindful awareness and compassion to over 2000 K-12 students and about 2500 professionals working with kids.  

Kate is also a co-founder of Compassionate Leaders Bay Area and part of the Spirit Rock/ Insight Meditation Society Teacher Training. 

"To teach something as important to my life as the practice of mindfulness brings me great satisfaction and happiness. It is a joyful  experience to witness others tap into their fullest potential with mental clarity and abundance of heart."

Betsy Rose

Berkeley, CA

Betsy Rose is a singer, songwriter, and mindfulness teacher/practitioner.  In addition to her Mindful Music assemblies and classroom programs for Pre-K- 5, she is co-teaches the Musical Mindfulness workshop for teachers and parents interested in teaching mindfulness through music and sound. 

Betsy is a frequent presenter at regional and national Early Childhood Education, and Mindfulness conferences. Her recordings include Calm Down Boogie, mindfulness songs for children and families; Motherlight, songs of the journey of parenting; and Heart of a Child, featuring music from her parenting and educator workshops.  www.betsyrosemusic.org



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